Intro to Land Hermit Crabs

Typical Hermit Crab Environment

Coenobita clypeatus, or Land Hermit Crabs have become an extremely popular, low maintenance pet over the years. They can be found throughout the Western Atlantic and are common from the southern tip of Florida throughout the Caribbean. They live near water only returning to sea to lay their eggs.


A Land Hermit Crab is a decapods crustacean. This means they have 10 legs like a shrimp. If ever viewed outside of their protective seashell they reside in one can see they have a very soft abdomen. This abdomen is coiled to fit inside the chambers of the seashell. They can range in size from about a 1/4″ all the way up to about the size of a softball. When in their protective seashells there are no distinguishing features between male and female hermit crabs. Land Hermit Crabs need dry land to survive, unlike their very similar cousins the sea hermit crabs. Sea Hermit Crabs will die in taken out of water for too long while a Land Hermit Crab will die if left in water for too long