Hermit Crab Care


beachA typical beach where a Hermit Crab might find some food.

One of the most important factors in taking care of a hermit crab is moisture. Everyone gets so worked up over which food and calcium sources they should use for their hermit crabs that they forget the most important factor in keeping a crab is moisture. Although land Hermit Crabs live on land, they breath through gills. In order for these gills to work they MUST remain moist. One of the most important steps you can take in keeping a healthy crab cage for you hermits is to get a nice natural sponge and make sure it is always kept moist. You will find that the crab spends much of their time hidden under this sponge and that is for a good reason. It not only helps to keep them moist, but also provides that higher humidity that they like so much.


A comfortable temperature for a hermit crab is a temperature where you are comfortable. You just have to be careful when running a heater or air conditioner. Hermit crabs love high humidity and a heater or air conditioner will dry out the air quickly. This is another reason that a wet sponge is so important. It keeps the crabs moist when the air is so dry. Generally if you have to run an air conditioner, the outside temperature is perfect for a crab so sit the entire cage in a shady spot outdoors. Fresh drinking water is extremely important for a hermit crabs survival. It is a good idea to keep a small dish of fresh water in the crabs cage. Be careful not to use too deep of a drinking container. A hermit may fall in and if they cannot crawl out they may drown. A small scallop type seashell works great for this purpose. Hermit crabs also will drink out of the wet sponge that is in the cage.


Land Hermit Crabs eat a wide variety of foods. In their natural surroundings they are basically scavengers eating anything that is readily available. In captivity they seem to do the same. From lettuce, fruit, vegetables, all the way to peanut butter. There are some commercial foods that do serve a benefit over just feeding hermits “table scraps” though. These can be beneficial in that they contain sea salt and various grains and minerals that can be beneficial to a hermit crabs diet.